Free Cyclitols

Free Cyclitols, Soluble Carbohydrates and Proteins Content in Vigna unguiculata and Phaseolus vulgaris Bean Sprouts.

J Agric Food Chem. 2011 Mar 17.

Ribeiro ED, Centeno DD, Ribeiro RD, Fernandes KV, Xavier-Filho J, Oliveira AE



Seeds sprouts have been used in the diets health food as a good source of basic nutrients and phytochemicals related with disease preventive and health promoting properties. These plant food nutrients and nutraceuticals substances include proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidant molecules, polyunsaturated fatty acids and inositols derivates. Myo-inositol (MI) is an abundant form of inositol and has been used for hyperlipidemia treatment, as agent of antiepileptic therapy and as chemopreventive agent against tumor induction. In this work, we investigate the levels of inositols (myo-inositol, D-pinitol and ononitol), soluble carbohydrates (raffinose, glucose and sucrose) and proteins in cotyledons of <i>Phaseolus vulgaris</i> and <i>Vigna unguiculata</i> sprouts. Sprouting substantially increased myo-inositol and glucose content in cotyledons. Reduction of raffinose and ononitol was observed during germinated. The proteins levels increased in <i>P. vulgaris</i> and decreased in <i>V. unguiculata</i> sprouting. The level of sucrose was maintained in both sprouts. D-pinitol was detected only in quiescent seeds. Our results suggested that bean sprout is an important source of basic nutrients (proteins, sucrose and glucose) and myo-inositol. Additionally bean sprouts have low levels of raffinose, an anti-nutritional compound to monogastric animals.