Hulling Equipment

As seeds are transformed into sprouts, they shed their hulls (skin). Although the skin is harmless, it is unappealing to consumers and needs to be removed prior to packaging. However, the hulling process is often the place in the production cycle where pathogens are introduced to the product. Consequently, producers need to rely on proper protocols and equipment when removing skin from seeds.

ISS offers a line of hulling equipment that can be customized to separate and remove the hulls in any size commercial bean sprout operation. In some instances, ISS hulling equipment can even be used for both green and bean sprouts.

Supported by more than three decades of experience in the commercial sprout industry, ISS Hulling Equipment is designed to:

  • Effectively remove the hulls without damaging the sprouts
  • Reduce back injuries
  • Improve the quality of the sprouts by removing root hairs and bacteria
  • Reduce human and plant pathogens
  • Reduce labor
  • Clean up easily and effectively
  • Ensure compliance with your HACCP plan

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