Studies On Some Egyptian Foods

Studies on some Egyptian foods. Part 2: The effect of protein on blood constituents of rats.
Z Ernahrungswiss 1980 Dec;19(4):248-50
Awadalla MZ, El-Gedaily AM, El-Shamy AE, El-Aziz KA.

This study was undertaken to study the changes of the blood constituents of rats fed different proteins (lupinus termis, Guiza 1, 2 and balady; fenugreek seeds, raw, roasted, and germinated). The total serum protein for animals fed casein was slightly higher than those fed other proteins. Total serum protein of animals fed lupinus termis, roasted and germinated fenugreek was higher than those fed raw seeds. The albumin/globulin ratios showed a similar trend. The ratio of nonessential to essential free serum amino acids of rats fed non-protein diet was higher than those fed protein. Lupinus termis and fenugreek seeds are good sources of protein. Treatment of seeds either by heat or germination improves the nutritive value of the proteins.