Activity in Winter Wheat

[Superoxide dismutase and catalase activity in the winter wheat sprout leaves under the effect of exogenous hydrogen peroxide]

Ukr Biokhim Zh. 2008 Nov-Dec;80(6):101-5.

[Article in Ukrainian]

Batsmanova LM.

Exogenous hydrogen peroxide action in concentration of 500 microM on antioxidation enzyme activity of photosynthetic tissues of 7-day winter wheat sprouts was investigated. It is established, that catalase activity increased at the second hour of exposition, and it constrained development of lipid peroxidation at the first stages of stress. Superoxide dismutase activity increased at the forth hour of the experiment and the maximum values were reached in 24 hours. Treated plants restored their physiological status in 24 hours and supported it at the 48th hour of exposition. Protective reactions were stimulated by hydrogen peroxide.