Alfalfa Seed Rejected

AlfalfaSeed Rejected


September10, 2000

ISSjust rejected eight of nine lots of seed it sampled. The reasons depended on thelot and included fecal contamination, damaged seed and insect infestation.Several lots were infested with the cyclid wasp, which bores into the center ofalfalfa seed to nest.

This brings up a new issue. Dr Wick has shown that damaged alfalfa seed, in alllikelihood, will escape sanitation. If this is true, what effect do insects haveon contaminating seed or at least making it susceptible to contamination bydamaging the seed coat?

I have attached three photos of the cyclid wasp. I’m sorry they are not ofhigher quality. One of them shows some of the damage to a seed. The waspcompletely bored out the center of the seed. They have a bit of contortionist inthem, as they are large enough to be seen by the naked eye, but small enough tocompletely climb into an alfalfa seed.