Alfalfa Sprouts Contaminated with Salmonella Anatum and Salmonella Infantis


Enforcement Report

The FDA Enforcement Report is published weekly by the Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Public Health Service, Department of Health and Human Services. It contains information on actions taken in connection with agency regulatory activities.

October 29, 1997                                       97-44
PRODUCT      Sprout products, with the exception of the snow pea sprouts, the products
are packaged in 12-packs containing 4-oz. plastic cups which are labeled with the company
name. All of the sprout varieties are also packaged in 2-lb. unlabeled plastic bags.  With the 
exception of the snow pea sprouts, all of the varieties are packaged in 5-lb. unlabeled 
plastic bags contained inside of a labeled case:
               a) First Harvest Alfalfa Sprouts
               b) First Harvest Mung Bean Sprouts
               c) First Harvest Mixture (adzuki, lentils, green pea)
               d) First Harvest Radish Sprouts
               e) First Harvest Spicy Sprouts (alfalfa and radish)
               f) First Harvest Crispy Sprout Mix (green peas, Chinese red beans, lentils)
               g) Snow Pea Sprouts.  Recall #F-058/063-8.
  CODE         	All product.
  MANUFACTURER 	First Harvest, Kansas City, Kansas.
  RECALLED BY  	Manufacturer, by telephone on June 2&3, 1997. Firm-initiated recall complete.
  DISTRIBUTION 	Kansas and Missouri.
  QUANTITY     	Firm estimates none remains on the market.
  REASON       	The sprouts were found contaminated with Salmonella Anatum and/or Salmonella
Infantis and were associated with an outbreak of salmonellosis.