Characterization of Mundticin L

Characterization of mundticin L, a Class IIa anti-Listeria bacteriocin from Enterococcus mundtii CUGF08

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2009 Jul 6.

Feng G, Guron GK, Churey JJ, Worobo RW.

Department of Food Science and Technology, Cornell University, Geneva, NY 14456.


Enterococcus mundtii CUGF08, a lactic acid bacterium isolated from alfalfa sprouts, was found to produce mundticin L, a new Class IIa bacteriocin that has high inhibitory activity against the genus Listeria. The plasmid-associated operons containing genes for the mundticin L precursor, ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporter and immunity were cloned and sequenced. The fifth residue of the conservative consensus YGNGX in the mature bacteriocin is leucine in place of valine compared to the homologous mundticin KS (ATO6) and enterocin CRL35. The primary structure of the ABC transporter and immunity protein are homologous but unique.