Digestibility of Proteins and Starch

Digestibility of proteins and starch (in vitro) of amphidiploids (black gram x mung bean) as affected by domestic processing and cooking.
Plant Foods Hum Nutr 1992 Apr;42(2):117-25
Kataria A, Chauhan BM, Punia D.

Department of Foods & Nutrition, Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India.

The effects of different domestic processing and cooking methods on starch digestibility (in vitro) and protein digestibility (in vitro) of four strains of amphidiploids (black gram x mung bean) were investigated. An increase of 35 to 48% and 22 to 25% was observed in starch digestibility and protein digestibility, respectively, when the seed of amphidiploids were soaked for 18 h. Cooking (both of unsoaked and soaked seeds) and germination improved significantly the starch digestibility and protein digestibility of all the varieties.