Do Sprouts Need Nutritional Labeling

DoSprouts Need Nutritional Labeling?


September 2,2002

Mike Lalley, of Living Foods, contacted the FDA to find out ifsprouts need to have nutritional labeling.  This is the reply he receivedfrom Beatrice Greenberg of the FDA.

“This is in reply to your facsimile submitted on August 14, 2002 concerning the labeling of sprouts.  You asked if nutrition information has to be provided on the label of packaged raw sprouts, i.e., bean, alfalfa, radish, garlic, clover, onion, etc., that are rinsed with 50 ppm of water and calcium hypochlorite.  You also stated that it was your understanding that these products are covered under the voluntary nutrition labeling program.

Vegetables that are washed in the manner you described are considered to have received little processing and are subject to the voluntary nutrition labeling program described in 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 101.45.

Therefore, packaged raw spouts are not required to provide nutrition information if the label does not include any nutrient content claims, health claims, or other nutrition information.  Nutrition labeling should be provided if the label includes a nutrient content claim, health claim, or other nutrition information.  This requirement may be satisfied by placing the nutrition information on the package or by posting the nutrition information at the point of sale in accordance with 21 CFR 101.45.”