Effect of Heat Treatment and Germination On Alpha Amylase Inhibitor Activity in Chick Peas

Effect of heat treatment and germination on alpha amylase inhibitor activity in chick peas (Cicer arietinum L.).
Plant Foods Hum Nutr 1994 Sep;46(2):133-7
Mulimani VH, Rudrappa G.

Department of Biochemistry, Gulbarga University, India.

Chick pea seeds of twenty eight varieties were analysed for alpha amylase inhibitor activity (AIA) using salivary amylase. The effects of heat treatment and germination on the activity of the antinutritional factor was investigated. Heat treatment and germination decreased the activity of amylase inhibitor. Chick pea meal was also subjected to UV irradiation and pressure cooking. These treatments decreased alpha amylase inhibitor activity. The amylase inhibitor activity decreased as the days of germination increased and negligible inhibitor activity was observed on the 6th day of germination.