Effects of Heat Treatments and Germination On Trypsin Inhibitor Activity and Polyphenols in Jack Bean

Effects of heat treatments and germination on trypsin inhibitor activity and polyphenols in jack bean (Canavalia ensiformis L. DC).
Plant Foods Hum Nutr 1988;38(4):319-24
Babar VS, Chavan JK, Kadam SS.

Department of Biochemistry, Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, M.S., India.

The application of dry heat to seeds and meal was not effective in inactivating the TI and reducing the polyphenol content. Soaking for 24 h followed by cooking for 20 min, was equally effective in destroying the TI activity. Germination of jack bean seeds for 40 h decreased the levels of TI and polyphenols by 31% and 35%, respectively.