Fresh Sprouts Are a Whole Food

FreshSprouts are a Whole Food, Filled With Enzymes and Nutritional Value!

Living andRaw Foods

Sproutsare a fun way to create economical fresh organic leafy greens in your ownkitchen.

Soakinggrains, nuts, seeds and beans overnight triggers the onset of the sproutingprocess and deactivates the enzyme inhibitors. Just soaking them overnightbefore cooking makes them much easier to digest. We have even taken to soakingour porridge (Red River Cereal) overnight because we find it more digestiblethis way.

Takeany edible seeds, nuts, grains or beans, soak them in water overnight and theyshould swell up. Many of them will now be ready to eat without any cooking atall. Letting the sprouts grow longer is optional. Putting the sprouts in awindow so they turn green is also optional. Just soak your seeds, nuts, grainsor beans for 24 hours and then try eating them. If you like the taste then theyare ready to eat.

Ourfavorite is organic mung beans. Just soak them overnight and in the morning theytaste delicious. Once soaked, we think of them as vegetables rather than beans.Mung beans are great in salads or added to a stir fry.

Sproutsare living foods, easy to digest and filled with enzymes, proteins, complexcarbohydrates, essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Everythingyour body needs in a form that your body can use! Sprouts are economical, easyto make and nutritious.

Simplyby sprouting the grain or bean you have eliminated the need to cook it. No needto bake bread, or to cook your beans for hours to make them digestible. Justsprout and serve! Amazingly, even shelled sunflower seeds will sprout.

Youcan soak nuts overnight and then dehydrate them. This removes the enzymeinhibitors while allowing you to continue eating tasty almonds and other nuts.You can make sprouts anywhere, even while camping. Pack in the dried grains,seeds, nuts, beans, and peas and produce fresh vegetables in your campsite!

Sproutsare environmentally friendly. They eliminate the need for cooking fuel, andreduce the generation of greenhouse gases. “Manna bread” is uncookedbread made from sprouts. You can find it in health food stores.

Sproutsare whole food. Eating sprouts gives you the full nutritional value of the food.Nothing has been processed out, no chemicals or preservatives have been added.The essential oils have never been exposed to the air so they are not rancid.The enzymes have not been destroyed by cooking. Sprouts are just simple,natural, wholesome food. Sprouts taste great in a bowl with a bit of saladdressing, mixed in with other leafy greens, stuffed into a sandwich, sprinkledover your dinner, or used as a garnish on soups. Sprouts can also be stir-friedor steamed with other vegetables, or added to veggie burgers.

Useclean filtered water to soak your sprouts overnight. Then pour the water on yourhouse plants.

Flaxis an exception. The soaking water turns gelatinous and is OK to eat.

Goodchoices to sprout:

  • seeds – clover, sunflower, radish, mustard, fenugreek, broccoli
  • beans – mung, lentils, garbanzo
  • nuts – almonds, filberts (hazelnuts)
  • grains – wheat, rye

Youwill soon discover your favorites.