Guidelines for the Hygienic Manufacture and Retail Sale of Sprouted Seeds with Particular Reference to Mung Beans

Guidelines for the hygienic manufacture and retail sale of sprouted seeds with particular reference to mung beans.

1989. CCFRA Technical Manual No. 25,

Campden Food and Drink Research Association.

Chipping Camden, United Kingdom, K.L Brown & C.A. Oscroft.


Prevent contamination of sprouted seeds with foodborne pathogens.


Following a major outbreak of infections associated with consumption of sprouted imported mung beans, the Department of Health advised the food industry to draw up a Code of Practice for bean sprout production. This document provides guidelines for the hygienic production of imported mung beans. The recommendations included in these guidelines may be applied to other sprouted seeds such as chick peas, cress, soya, lentils, radish, mustard and clover. It covers the entire production process from obtaining and soaking the seed through to storage, distribution and retail of final product. It also deals with issues such as hygiene of personnel and provides a HACCP check-list.


Softcover – 25 pages

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