Identification of Soybean Sprout Rot Pathogens

Identificationof Soybean Sprout Rot Pathogens

Korean Societyof Plant Pathology

2000International Conference on Plant Disease Forcast:  Information Technologyin Plant Pathology

H.N. BAE, C.K.Lim, and J.H. Hur. Division of Biological Environment, College of Agricultureand Life Sciences, Kangwon National University, Chunchon 200-701, Korea.


Soybean sprout,one of the traditional foods in Korea, has a problem of rot disease under humidand closed cultivation condition. There is lack of identification of pathogensof soybean sprouts, however. In this study, soybean sprout pathogens wereisolated and identified. Thirty-three and sixteen strains of bacteria and fungi,respectively, were isolated from the rotten tissues of soybean sprouts.Pectobacterium carotovorum and Pseudomonas spp. were identified asbacterial pathogens, while Fusarium oxysporium, Alternaria sp.,Rhizoctoniasp. and Mucor sp. were identified as fungal pathogens.Alternaria sp. and Mucorsp. have not been reported till now aspathogens of soybean sprouts