Lab Supplies for Sprout Production

During the sprout industry’s transition from Agriculture to Food Processing, ISS has been a pioneer in establishing laboratory testing procedures and HACCP plans.  An in house lab can save a sprout grower thousands of dollars. ISS offers laboratory equipment and supplies in small quantities, saving you the expense of large initial orders. The pathogen tests ISS offers have been selected for accuracy and ease of use. We offer technical support to our customers.

Lab Equipment

Variable Temperature Incubator

Complete with 2 adjustable shelves and thermometer.  Unit will hold up to 4 shelves.  Steel interior walls.

Size:                      I.D.   10 ½” H x 11 ½”W x 12″ D
O.D.  15 1/3” H x 12 ½”W x 12 7/8“D
Shipping Weight:     19 lbs.
Power:                  115 VAC 90 Watts, 90 Volt, 120 AC
Item #:                   LABINC

Pathogen Test Kits and Supplies

E.coli 0157:H7 Test Kit

International Specialty Supply carries rapid response test kits for E-Coli 0517:H7. After testing several types, we use and carry the test kit that we feel is the most reliable, most practical, and best for the sprouting industry.

 The ImmunoCard STAT!, produced by Meridian Technologies, has been developed using a new approach to overcome detection difficulties.  In the past, strategies for detection of this organism have relied mainly on the identification of the 0157 antigen.  However, there are strains of E-coli 0157, such as 0157:H3 and 0157:H12 that are completely harmless.

A wrong reading is incredibly expensive to sprout growers.   It triggers an unnecessary recall that can cost thousands of dollars in recalled product and tarnish a company’s’ name and reputation.

The ImmunoCardSTAT! E-Coli 0157:H7 test is a fast, flexible and accurate test for the detection of Escherichia coli 0157:H7 in food products.

Each kit contains 30 tests, positive and negative controls and 40 transfer pipettes. Materials not included are flasks, autoclave, timer, scales, enrichment broth and an incubator.

This highly specific test is not prone to give false positives like other rapid tests on the market.  Filtration and centrifugation steps are not required. See results 10 minutes after broth enrichment.

Kit size:           30 determinations                   Controls:     Included in kit
Storage:           2-27oC  (36-81oF)                    Shelf Life:   10 months
Item #:             LAB0157

Contact your ISS sales representative regarding the purchase of the test kit and other items needed.  If you have any technical questions or concerns please contact Kelly Warren at extension 110.

Oxoid Salmonella Rapid Test Kit

Accurate, easy to use and read, with the necessary chemicals pre-measured and enclosed in a self contained, ready to use cube.  Novobiocin discs included. AOAC certified.
Kit size:   50 determinations           Item #:     LABFT0201A

Salmonella Rapid Test Elective Medium

Pre-enrichment broth for use with Oxoid Salmonella Rapid Test.  500 grams, powdered mix. Item #: LABCM0857B

Peptone Water

Used to dilute pre-enriched broth for use with Oxoid Salmonella Rapid Test. 500 grams, powdered mix. Item #: LABCM0009B

Supplies for Monitoring Sanitation

Monitoring sanitation will help you find trouble spots in your cleaning routine and alert you to the build up of biofilms, as well as providing excellent documentation for your HACCP program.

Culture Tubes

Can be sterilized and re-used, or can be disposed of after one use.  Available individually or in cases of 1,000. Item #:  LABCT

Culture Tube Caps

For use with Culture Tubes. Can be sterilized and re-used, or can be disposed of after one use. Available individually or in cases of 1,000. Item #: LABCTC

Disposable Swabs

Available in boxes of 100 or cases of 1,000. Item #: LABDS

Butterfield’s Buffered Phosphate

Dilution bottles containing 99 ml per bottle. For use with disposable swabs.  Available individually or in cases of 72 bottles.  Item #:  LABBFBP

Generic E.coli/Coliform Petrifilm

Available in packages of 25 or cases of 50. Item #:  LABPFCO

Aerobic Plate Count Petrifilm

Available in packages of 50 or cases of 100.  Item #:  LABPFAPC

Pyrex Flasks

2000 ml. Item # LABFL2000


Item # LABPR
Beakers3 Lg.jpg (31666 bytes)


Available individually, in boxes of 125, or in cases of 500. Item # LABP