More Outbreaks From Sprouts

More outbreaks from sprouts

Calgary Health Region

Public Health Update

July\August 2000

There have been two recent clusters of Salmonella enteritidis in Alberta and Saskatchewan recently, both tentatively linked to mung bean sprouts from a common seed supplier. As well, some of our E.coli cases in July are associated with other types of sprouts.

This reinforces our concern about the eating of sprouts, especially in those groups at high risk from salmonellosis: children, the elderly, immune-compromised, and those with low gastric acidity. We have already sent an advisory about the use of sprouts to hospitals and long term care centres that feed at-risk populations. We would appreciate your continuing efforts to alert your at-risk patients to this concern. If you’d like fact sheets to distribute, please contact Environmental Health at 228-7570.