OryzateinTM, a novel brown rice protein that may be used as a hypoallergenic replacement for soy, whey, and casein proteins currently used in any food applications

2005 IFT Annual Meeting, July 15-20 – New Orleans, Louisiana

Session 3, NEW PRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGIES: Innovations in nutritional ingredients and food processing

D. J. JANOW, Dept. of Research and Development, Axiom Foods, Inc., 1220 Yale St., Ste. 5, Santa Monica, CA 90404


OryzateinTM (Brown Rice Protein Concentrate) is a new functional protein ingredient that is processed using sprouted brown rice. There is a global abundance of rice. Brown rice is typically produced for its starch content, while the protein is discarded as animal feed. In brown rice, the protein content, distributed between the bran and endosperm layer, constitutes ~7% to 9% of the brown rice grain. OryzateinTM is hypoallergenic, has a sweet-bland taste, is highly digestible by infants and adults, and rich in all essential and non-essential amino acids. Most rice protein concentrates currently available have limited solubility and emulsification properties, poor taste and gritty texture, making it an unsuitable choice for beverages. Its limited availability makes it unreliable for use in a large scale product application. Because of allergens found in Soy protein, and the incomplete amino acid profile of Whey and Caseins, food technologists have been seeking an alternative protein source to these commercially available proteins. One of the many breakthroughs of OryzateinTMhas been its solubility in beverages and its emulsification properties. OryzateinTMcomes in various protein levels, from 60%-90%, making its protein content comparable to that of Soy, Whey and Casein. OryzateinTM comes in two solubility types, one which stays suspended in liquid without the gritty mouth feel, and one that dissolves in solution with no measurable precipitate. The protein quality of brown rice protein was assessed for absorption ratio(AR), biological value(BV), Protein Efficiency Ratio(PER), Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Scoring(PDCAAS) and net protein utilization(NPU) in growing rats. With values of 98.6% AR, 77% BV, >2.75 PER, 1.00 PDCAAS and 75.92% NPU, OryzateinTM is shown to be the complete protein. The functional capabilities of OryzateinTM are extensive; it offers a hypoallergenic alternative, a higher level of protein quality and absorption, and a better amino acid profile than existing commercial proteins. Because of its diverse use, it can fortify foods, dairy products, bars, protein mixes, and is well suited for use in supplements and nutraceuticals, making OryzateinTMthe premiere protein for food ingredients.