Our Approach

There are plenty of choices for sprouting needs out there. So what makes us different? Our focus on quality, a commitment to our customers, and an insatiable desire for improvement.

We See Sprouting Differently

Here are some of the many ways we lead the industry.

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We conduct ongoing sprout research, have a sprout testing lab, and lead sprout industry consulting projects, all in the name of producing the highest quality sprouts available.

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We trust our equipment because we designed it and use it ourselves! We saw a gaping hole in the industry when it came to seed and sprout processing, so we rose to the challenge.

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We developed the industry standard for pathogen testing. We test for what the government requires and more because we want our customers to have 100% confidence in our products.

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We are proud to offer products that are nutritionally dense and delicious! Sprouts are a reliable, year-round source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and many B vitamins (e.g. folacin). Sprouts also preserve your body’s enzymes and aid in digestion.

Sprouting Solutions

How Can We Help You?

Whatever your needs may be, we can partner with you!

  • We can answer all your questions regarding seed varieties and what to expect.
  • Our sales team is at your service to solve any problems.
  • We have extensive stock so we can ship quickly and efficiently.
  • Whether you’re brand new to sprouts or a seasoned veteran, we will set you up for success with our product.
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Our Mission Represents a Focused Mindset: SPROUTS

We see growing and selling commercial sprouts as an opportunity to promote health, respect the environment, and build businesses.

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Superfoods that Nourish

Our seeds, sprouts, and powders pack a nutritional punch!

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Passion that Inspires

Our love for quality sprouts is contagious.

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Respect for the Environment

Sprouts are sustainably grown with less water and no pesticides or fertilizers.

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Outstanding Values

Our staff are what makes this place tick! We are a team of hardworking and dedicated individuals.

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Uplift Mindfulness

From the special act of planting a seed, to harvesting a finished product, we believe in the impact of sprouts!

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Transform through Nutrition

Our products can contribute to a healthy diet and we are proud to have commercial sellers distributing our products.

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Safeguard with Best Quality System

When safety is top of mind, you can rely on our rigorously tested product!

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