Alfalfa Seeds Associated with an Outbreak of Salmonella Bovismorbificans Infection in Alfalfa Sprouts

Product recalls and alerts

RSSL Food e-News

Edition 205: 06 – 13 October 2004

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published recalls of products that were manufactured using alfalfa seed lot X3023 from Caudill Seed & Warehouse Inc .  These alfalfa seeds have been associated with an outbreak of Salmonella bovismorbificans infection;

  • Sprouters Northwest Inc, ‘Alfalfa Sprouts’
  • Northland Soy Products Inc, ‘Alfalfa Sprouts’
  • Down to Earth Sprout Farm, ‘Alfalfa Sprouts’
  • Sunshine Sprouts, ‘Alfalfa Sprouts’
  • Caudill Seed and Warehouse Inc ‘Lucerne Seed’ (alfalfa seeds)
  • Perfect Sprouts, ‘Alfalfa Sprouts’, ‘Green Sprout Mix’, and ‘Zesty Sprout Mix’
  • Rainbow Garden, ‘Alfalfa Sprouts’