March 2, 2020


Dear Valued Partner,


We are a proud producer of Fresh Sprouts,the Original Super Food.  For generations,Sproutshave been considered the most nutritious produce available and consumed by those looking to add nutrition, unique taste and appealto salads, sandwiches and upscale food presentations. Consumer demand for our Fresh Sprouts continues to increase and we are thrilled to supply these wonderful andhighly nutritious products nationwide.


From time to time there may be concerns about the food safety of Fresh Sprouts and it may be worthwhile to highlight our best-in-class class food safety systems and processes. In summary,


  • Our Fresh Sprouts are produced in and shipped from our facility that is SQF Level 2, HACCP, and GMP certified.


  • Our process to produce Fresh Sprouts is vertically integrated, which means that we have full and complete control of the Seeds, Equipment, Growth, Harvest and Shipping stages deployed to supply Fresh Sprouts to you.


  • All sprouting seeds used in our production of Fresh Sprouts have been sampled and tested using a methodical, meticulous process, in order to ensure the highest food safety standards necessary for human consumption.


  • After the testing process, we purify our sprouting seed with an organic, non-thermal pathogen reduction system that provides up to 99.9999% or a 1,000,000 times reduction in pathogens. Current industry standard is 99.9% or a 1,000 times reduction in pathogens.


  • Every batch of fresh sprouts produced in our facility is subject to a test and hold & release process. This ensures no adulteration of the product during the growing process.


  • Our packaging and distribution of fresh sprouts utilizes the highest standards as laid out by the Sanitary Transportation of Food Act.

Although many consumers enjoy our Fresh Sprouts, currently, there is an FDA investigation associated with Fresh Sprouts served in Jimmy John’s establishments in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and Utah.


We will be happy to assist growers of Fresh Sprouts, the authorities and anyone else in order to ensure consumer safety and use of proper systems and processes to grow and distribute Fresh Sprouts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.



Silas Stoddart

Marketing Director

931.526.1106 Ext: 126


Ryan Walden

Account Executive

931.526.1106 Ext:114