February 28, 2020


Dear Valued Partners,


As we continue to provide the most nutritious and safest Sprouting Seed and Fresh Sprouts available, we would like to inform you of details about a current investigation into an outbreak of E. coli O103.  According to a letter published by the FDA on February 26, 2020, FDA along with the CDC and state and local partners, announced an investigation into an outbreak of 14 illnesses caused by E. coli O103 in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and Utah. The CDC is reporting that clover sprouts from Jimmy John’s restaurants may be a likely source of the outbreak, and to the best of our knowledge, no recalls have been issued at this time.


For additional and accurate information on the current investigation please follow the link below.


International Specialty Supply is committed to food safety and the integrity of the supply chain.  We operate best-in-class food safety systems with a state-of-the-art seed purification system.  In order to ensure consumer safety and exercising an abundance of caution, in December 2019 we withdrew from the market clover seed that was used by a facility that was cited by the FDA for poor food safety practices.  Although the seed passed all our rigorous testing and food safety protocols before being shipped, we voluntarily withdrew this seed lot because we are committed to protecting the sprouting industry and the food supply.


As the FDA investigation into the outbreak continues, we strongly recommendthat all growers take time to review their food safety programs and procedures to be sure they are following all guidelines put in place by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Sprout Safety Alliance (SSA).


If you have any additional questions or need assistance reviewing your programs and policies please feel free to contact us.



Silas Stoddart                                       Karen Wilson                              Dessa Hix

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