Processing, suitability and nutritive value of field bean seeds after germination

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Volume 36, Issue 8, Date: August 1985, Pages: 745-751

Wlodzimierz Bednarski, Jan Tomasik, Barbara Piatkowska

Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Agriculture and Technology, Olsztyn, Poland



An attempt was made to obtain hydrolysates from field bean seeds after germination. The activity of native proteolytic enzymes, ascorbic acid and phytate phosphorus contents, as well as the activity of proteolytic enzyme inhibitors were studied, as influenced by seed steeping, water acidity and aerating conditions. Germinated field bean seeds were found to be suitable for hydrolysate production. The enzyme activity, as well as the contents of compounds responsible for the nutritive value of seed was determined and depended on germinating conditions.