BroccoMega Original 4oz Sprout Powder Blend


  • All Natural Plant Based Source of phytonutrients
  • Sprouts deliver 20—50 times more phytonutrients than the mature vegetables
  • Combination of High Sulforaphane essential Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6, and 9
  • Immune Booster, Heart Healthy, and Aids in Digestion
  • Great source of daily vitamins and easily blended in your favorite drink

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The SunGarden team is excited to launch a new powder blend Broccomega. The combination of heart-healthy omega’s and immune-boosting sulforaphane makes this powder a nutritional powerhouse. This completely plant-based product is a great alternative to fish oil supplements when looking to add important omega fatty acids to your diet. SunGarden has been growing and distributing the highest quality sprouted ingredients and fresh sprouts in the industry since 1979. As a vertically integrated leader of the industrial sprouting market, SunGarden provides unmatched quality, freshness, and safety. With a state-of-art growing facility and supreme food safety programs SunGarden is the right choice for sprouts ingredients and powders.