Lentil Sprouting Seeds

Lentils can be purchased in red, black or green varieties. Archeologists believe dry peas and lentils were some of the first food crops ever to be cultivated. They calculate that occurred almost 9,000 years ago; lentils have been a staple in Mediterranean countries and India ever since. High in potassium, iron, vitamin A, folic acid and fiber and 26% protein. Lentils are becoming increasingly popular in North America. Lentil sprouts are usually sold as part of a sprouted bean mix and can be cooked or eaten raw.

Looking to buy top-quality, disease-resistant lentil sprout seeds? We’ve been in the sprouts business for years, and our seeds our widely recognized as being of world-class quality. If you have or are starting a sprouts growing business, ISS can supply you with high-quality sprouting seeds and supplies. For pricing on lentil sprout seeds, call (931) 400-2710.

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