Rapid Combined Assay for Salmonella Detection in Food Samples

Rapid combined assay for Salmonella detection in food samples.
Acta Microbiol Immunol Hung 2000;47(4):445-56
Gado I, Major P, Kiraly M, Plaveczky MG.

National Center for Epidemiology B. Johan, Budapest, Hungary.

A rapid method was developed to detect salmonellae in food samples. The method gave a possibility to obtain results after 28 h 30 min. The preenrichment in buffered peptone water lasted for 6 h, the enrichment in Rappaport-Vassiliadis medium was applied for 18 h followed by PCR with INVA1-INVA2 primer pair, adapting Chiu and Ou’s method. This procedure was suitable to demonstrate salmonella contamination at min. 10 cfu/25 g sample. Out of 18 samples there was a good agreement between the results of the conventional and rapid methods in case of 17 samples. PCR with SPVC1-SPVC2 primer pair informing about the presence of virulence plasmid was performed in separate tubes, because decreased sensitivity was observed in case of multiplex PCR.