Raw Sprouts Linked to Food Poisoning

Raw Sprouts Linked to Food Poisoning
April 11,2002
The Calgary Herald

Sure,they’re rich in vitamins and nutrients, but raw sprouts have been linked tooutbreaks of E. coli and salmonella, according to the February issue of the MayoClinic Health Letter.

Thatdoesn’t mean you can’t eat them, but you should cook them — washing raw sproutsdoesn’t significantly reduce the risk of infection.
Neither does growing them yourself, as the seeds themselves are believed to bethe problem if they become contaminated before harvest by runoff from animalagriculture waste or irrigation.

Andthe warm, humid conditions under which sprouts are grown are ideal for the rapidgrowth of bacteria. When eating out, check the menu and request that sprouts notbe used in your food.