Residues of Five Pesticides in Field

Residues of five pesticides in field-treated alfalfa seeds and alfalfa sprouts.
J Environ Sci Health B. 1985 Aug;20(4):445-56.
Archer TE, Gauer WO.

Residues of five different pesticides applied to alfalfa seed crops were determined in the harvested seeds and in sprouts grown from these seeds. Although seeds are usually used for future production of alfalfa plants, some of these seeds may be sprouted for human food consumption. The pesticides studied–aldicarb (Temik), chlorothalonil (Bravo), chlorpyrifos (Lorsban), methamidophos (Monitor) and propargite (Comite)–were applied at a normal usage rate and at two to three times that rate. Residues on the seeds and sprouts, if any, were insignificant at rates of application.