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ISS has a rigid procedure that samples, screens and tests our sprouting seed for pathogens. We take sprouting seed safety very seriously, and our rigorous sprout seed screening methodology leads the industry, and has made us the go-to source for commercial sprout growers who want to avoid food safety issues with their sprouts.

The research items below pertain to sprouting seed safety. Collected over the years, they are a helpful resource for anybody who is in the business, or is considering entering into the business, of commercial sprouting.

ISS Screened Sprouting Seed Resources and Information

We’ve earned a reputation for providing the safest sprouting seed that commercial sprout growers can buy. Here, you can learn more about our sprout seed screening procedures.

  • ISS Screened Sprouts – What separates ISS from other sprout seed vendors is our innovative sprout screening process. Here’s some background information on what it means to buy ISS Screened Sprouts.
  • Sprout Food-Borne Illness Outbreaks – Before the creation of our sprout seed food safety screening processes, there was chaos in the sprouts industry. Read about some of the food safety issues that threatened the industry’s credibility in prior years.
  • ISS Screening Procedures for Ensuring Sprout Safety – Our seed screening process revolutionized the sprouting industry and lowered the risk of sprout safety issues. Our process has been adopted and recommended by regulatory agencies and industry expertise. Here’s a summary of how it’s done.
  • ISS Seed Screening Discussion – Our ISS seed screening process is powered by food safety math, algorithms and analysis. We offer some additional discussion of why our safety process for sprouting seeds works so well.
  • ISS Screened Screening Log Reductions Discussion – In this article from our newsletter archives, we discuss the log reduction potential of ISS seed screening processes, widely viewed to be the most advanced sprout seed screening capabilities in the sprouting industry.
  • ISS Screened Sprout Documentation Sample – At ISS, the adage is, “It if isn’t documented, it wasn’t done.” We provide thorough documentation on our sprout seed screening and testing work, which has made us the go-to sprouting seeds vendor for commercial sprout growers.

Pathogen Information

Pathogens are a critical concern for commercial sprout growers. Here, we take a look at some of the common pathogen-related issues faced by sprout producers when they purchase sprouting seeds and grow them.

More Sprouting Seed Food Safety Information

These articles cover a variety of different topics related to growing and buying sprouting seed.