Screened Seed Certificate

When you purchase ISS Screened Sprouting Seed, you can rest assured that each step in our sprouting seed screening process is thoroughly and accurately documented and signed by the person taking responsibility for completing each step of the process. The adage here is, “It if isn’t documented, it wasn’t done.”

Sprout growers are ultimately responsible for producing safe sprouted products. The more the sprouting seed is sampled and tested, the less likely it is to be contaminated. No matter who does it, the grower needs to have good documentation of exactly what was done, when it was done, and who did it. Without this documentation, growers (and health inspectors) need to consider the seed unscreened and unsafe.

ISS strongly encourages sprout growers to get the safety documentation regarding each lot of seed they purchase. A copy of ISS’ documentation is depicted below. A copy of the ISS Seed Sampling and Testing Flow Chart and its Seed HACCP plan are available upon request.