Severe Chronic Acne Treatment with Wheatgrass

Severe Chronic Acne: Dr. Reynolds’ Casebook

Dr. C. L. Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

Chronic acne present 10 years causing marked disfigurement. No response to numerous and various medical treatments. After six weeks’ treatment with topical wheatgrass there is significant improvement in appearance.

Wheatgrass appears to contain growth factor activators which may be responsible for the improvement shown in these photographs. In acne, there is a disturbance of the sebaceous glands. The activity of these glands is controlled by various hormones which in turn are controlled by the body’s immune system.

Wheatgrass, as a potent immune stimulant may play an important role in acne treatment via this mechanism.

Pre-wheatgrass treatment26 days wheatgrass treatment38 days treatment
3 Oct ’03
 26 days treatment
29 Oct ’03
 38 days treatment
10 Nov ’03