Sprout Building Design

Building & Equipment Layout and Design

Wecan help you with all aspects of equipment and building layout and design. We have laid out hundreds of sprouting facilities and have a team of Dutcharchitects who can design the buildings from the ground up.  We can lay out afacility so that the product flows safely and efficiently.  You need someoneon your team who has the experience to save you money in every aspect of yourbusiness, from the very beginning.

What ISS can offer you

  • Efficient production layout (We have set up facilities that use 2 people to produce 40 tons per day).

  • Safe product flow (We set up HACCP plans and third party inspect as well).

  • Can help you select building materials that are easy to clean and suitable for commercial sprout production.

  • We know the parameters of the best growing rooms for each type of sprout.

  • Laboratory design (We have our own lab, set-up labs, and do training).

  • Over 21 years of commercial sprout production research.

  • Over 21 years of commercial sprout facility layout experience.

  • Over 23 years of commercial sprout production experience.

  • Have set up the finest sprouting facilities in the world.

Call us for help with every aspect of your sprouting business – Buildinglayout, building design, equipment, laboratory setup and supplies, HACCP plans,seed, equipment, packaging, nutrients, or any other aspect of sprouting.