Sprout De Hulling Equipment

ISS Green Sprout Hullermung_bean_sprout_washtank

Once a seed is sprouted it sheds its coat (hull). Though the sprout is still quite alive, the dead seed hull begins to decayrather rapidly, bringing theproduct down with it.  The ISS Green Sprout Huller removes these seedcoats gently and accurately as the sprouts travel from one end and out theautomatic exit conveyor at the other end.

Alfalfa Sprout washerWe make a huller in any size to fit your needs.  Our most popular size removes hulls from 1000 lbs (400 kg) of sprouts per hour, depending on the type of sprout.

Wealso build washing systems just for beansprouts and systems  that will do both bean and green sprouts.Alfalfa_and_green_sprout_Washer.jpg (26669 bytes)