Sprout Growing Equipment

Sentrex Infinity Bean Sprouting System

The Sentrex System is designed to grow beautiful, high yielding mung bean and soybean sprouts with a minimum of labor.  The system is very versatile and made to be expandable. It is controlled by a user friendly PC placed anywhere in your building. It can record every crop and graph the information you need to continually improve your crop. It can be monitored, via the Internet or phone line by anyone you choose to view it. Such people would probably include your production manager, ISS support, and your home.

The process is as follows:

  • Up to 70kg or 150 pounds of mung beans or soybeans are placed in each bin.  You can have from 2 to 48 bins in each room.
  • The bins are placed in a dark room designed specifically for growing the sprouts.
  • The Sentrex Infinity continually keeps track of each bin, when it was planted, and when it is to be harvested. It will give it the appropriate gases, nutrients, temperatures and water for the length of the growing cycle. The growing cycle is usually five days depending on the type and quality of the seed.
  • Each bin in the room may have different requirements, depending on when it is planted and what type, seed quality and quantity of bean sprouts is being produced. You can plant each day if you choose and harvest each day.
  • Each bin will produce up to 800 kg or 1750 pounds of sprouts per week.
  • Each growing room can be built to hold from 2 to 48 bins.

Bin of mung bean sproutsSentrex Equipment is engineered to fit your facility. We have built systems to produce from 1.5 metric tons per week to 110 metric tons per day. They are made to be expandable, and nearly every facility we have set up has expanded, usually 3-4 times. The quality of the sprouts is phenomenal.

Sentrex Kiss Bean Sprouting System

The Sentrex Kiss is designed to grow sprouts on a smaller initial investment.  It has important mechanical features found in the Sentrex Infinity, but does not have as much control or the recording or feedback features useful for continually tweaking quality and yield and for troubleshooting crop issues.

Ask an ISS equipment consultant to help you decide which system is best for you.