Sprout Growing Trays

ISS Growing Trays

Withconvenience and versatility in mind, these growing trays are designed foralfalfa sprouts.  Their sectional dividers help separate sprouts to betransferred into pint or bulk containers.

Thesetrays can also be used for sunflower, wheat grass, snow peas, onions, radish andother varieties of sprouts. Now available in two sizes.  The larger sizewill accommodate 30 pint containers or 11 lbs. (5 kg) of bulk alfalfa, andmeasures 20 1/4in. (51.4 cm) x 24 1/2in. (62.2 cm) x 1 3/4in. (4.4 cm) fits our TRAC & Mister Green.  The smaller size will hold20 pint cups or 7 lbs. of bulk alfalfa, and measures 17 1/8″ x 22 3/4″x 1 3/4″.  Both are white.

Large Growing Trays Item #: EGGTL

Small Growing Trays Item #: EGGTS