Sprouting Books

Ready to increase your knowledge of sprouts? This list of 200 good sprout-related books includes some excellent reads for anybody who wants to learn more about growing sprouts.

Books on Sprouting

Although ISS does not sell these books, below is a list of books that may help you if you are looking for general information about sprouting:

Add a Few SproutsEat Better for Less Money, Martha H. Oliver, 1975

All Natural Salad Cookbook, by Darcy Williamson and John Allgair, 1982

All Natural Seed and Grain Cookbook, by Darcy Williamson and John Allgair, 1981

Apartment Farmer, The, Duane Newcomb, 1976

Astrological Gardening, Louise Riotte, C1985, Printed 1995

Art and Secrets of Chinese Cookery, The

Back to Eden, 1939, 14th printing in 1966, Jethro Kloss

Backto Eden Cookbook, Jethro Kloss, c1974, printed 1980

Back to Nature with Grain Country’s Wonderful World of Sprouting, (See:Wonderful World of Sprouting, The, by Schmidt, Marion and William Packer 1975)

Basic Plant Pathology Methods, 1985 Onkar D. Dhingra

Basic Natural Foods Cookbook (See Rodale Basic Natural Foods Cookbook)

Be Your Own Doctor, by Ann Wigmore, ©1982

Beansprout Book, The – Everything About Sprouting Beans, Seeds and Grains, 1973, Jay Courter, published by Simon & Schuster

Be Your Own Doctor, Ann Wigmore, 1982

Best Ideas for Organic Vegetable Growing, 1969(Rodale, ED) Organic Gardening

Bowel Book, The, A Practical Guide to Good Health, 1981 by David Ehrilich
Broccoli Sprouts Breakthrough, The by Deborah Mitchell.
Budget Cookbook, 1979, no author listed, Valentine Publications
Cauliflower, Broccoli, & Cabbage, Gardens for All, Dick & Jan Raymond, 1980, 1st Printing
Cauliflower & Broccoli Culture, A. G. B. Orange Judd Bouquet, NY 1929 1st, 125 pp G Ex libris. A few b&w plates. Part of the Farm and Garden Library
Cancer Recovery Eating Plan, The :The Right Foods to Fuel YourRecovery, Daniel W Nixon, Times Books 1994 New York,
Catalog of Healthy Food, The, 1990, John Tepper Marlin,
Chinese Vegetables, Grow Your Own, 1987, Geri Harrington

Chinese Vegetarian Cook book, The, 1972, by Gary Lee,

Chow!Secrets of Chinese Cooking, ©1952, 10th printing 1969, by Dolly Chow (Mrs. D.T.Chow)

Complete Sprouting Book, The 1981, by Per Sellmann, Gita Sellmann, ASIN: 0855001054

Complete Sprouting Cookbook, The 1973 Karen Cross Whyte, published By Troubadour Press

Complete Urban Farmer, The, Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables in Town. Wickers, David drawings by Sharon Finmark Julian Friedman, London, 1976, 1st edition.

Composition of Foods: Raw, Processed, Prepared: Agriculture Handbook No. 8, Author:Watt, Bernice K. And Merrill, Annabel L., USDA, ARS, Revised 1963

Cooking Kosher. The Natural Way, Jane Kinderlehrer, Senior Editor, Prevention Magazine, 1983

Cornucopia- A Source Book of Edible Plants, 1990, Stephen Facciola, Kampong Publications, ISBN 0-9628087-0-9

Country Gourmet Cookbook, The, 1981, Sherrill & Gil Roth

Crucifers of Great Britain & Ireland, TCG Rich: © 1991, Reprint 1992, BSBI Handbook No 6, 336 pages.

Dasgrobe Buch der Sprossen und Keime. By Rose-Marie Nocker, Copyright 1997 by wilhelm Heyne Verlag GmBH & Co, Munich, Germany, Printed in Germany 1992, ISBN 3-453-05422-9

Deaf Smith Country Cookbook, The, ©1973Mary Faulk Koock-5th printing-1976-sftcvr-352 pgs.

Discovering Natural Foods, Roy Bruder, PHD.
Dolly Chow Secrets of Chinese Cooking (see Chow!)
Edible Indoor Garden, by Peggy Hardigree, 1980

El Molino Best Recipes, El Molino Mills (Alhambra, Ca.), 1953

The Enchanted Broccoli Forest…and Other Timeless Delicacies, Katzen, Mollie, 1982, Ten Speed Press, . Oversize (8 1/2″ X 11″)

Eydie Mae’s Natural Recipes for the live foods gourmet, © 1978, by Eydiemae Hunsbergerand Chris Loeffler.

Family Creative Workshop #16, ©1976, Steven R. Schepp, (Editor in Chief)

Farm Vegetarian Cookbook, The New, by Louise Hagler & Bates 1988

Favorite Natural Foods, Beatrice Trum Hunter, 1974

Feast on Raw Foods, Charles Gerras, (Ed.), 1990

Feellike a Million, by Catharyn Elwood

Food as Medicine, Earl Mindell’s, 1994

Food Combining: Better Health- The Natural Way, 1998 Rita Bingham

Food Phytochemicals for Cancer Prevention I : Fruits and Vegetables (Acs Symposium, No 546) by Mou-Tuan Huang (Editor), Toshihiko Osawa,
Forget-About-Meat Cookbook, Karen Brooks, 1974
Four Seasons Vegetarian Cookbook, Susan Thrope, 1983

Fresh Whole Foods from A to Z, Ellen S. Spivack; Paperback

Garden Answers: September1992 Peterborough : EMAP Apex, 1992. Volume 11, no. 7. VG pbk. Includes articles by Joy Larkcom, Peter Barkworth and Pippa Greenwood.

Garden Literature. An Indexto Periodical Articles and Book Reviews. Vol. 3, 1994 Sprout issue. Williams. Sally. Boston Garden Literature Press pp. 182.

Gesunde Köstlichkeiten, Kerne, Keime, Sprossen, by von Klaus Oberbeil

Germination, Hughes, Langston, Santa Barbara Unicorn Press [1967]

Germinationof Seeds, The, Mayer, A. M.and A. Poljaloff-Mayber, Oxford Pergamon Press, 1963. 236 pages. Hardcover.

Getting the Most For Your Household Dollar, 1984, By the editors of Rodale Press

Good & Plenty–America’s New Home Cooking, 1988, Victoria Wise.

Good Gardening Guide, The Observer, Joy Larkcom, 1984.

Good News Sprouts Recipe Book, The, 1992, ISGA.

Gradual Vegetarian, The, 1985 Joy Bracewell.

Grain Country’s Wonderful World of Sprouting, Marion Schmidt, 1975.

Great Food Almanac, 1994Irene Chalmers.

Green Leaves of Barley, A Food with Real Power, Dr. Mary Ruth Swope, 1987

Groenten Uit Kleine Tuinen, Joy Larkcom, Bibliofind, Helmond1977, 238 pp., textill.

Grow More Nutritious Vegetables Without Soil, James Taylor, 1982.

Growing Vegetables Indoors, Steve Meyerowitz

Grow Vitamins in Your Own Kitchen, Use the New Sprout Master Method, (Booklet)1951, Western Nutrition Labs, Redlands, CA, Instruction Manual for Sprout Master sprouter

Grow Your Own Chinese Vegetables, Geri Harrington, 1978

Grow Your Own: Intro to Organic Gardening, By Jeanie Darlington, 1970

Guide to Health Oriented Periodicals, The 1983, by Jeff Breakey

Handbook of Wild Flower Cultivation, Kathryn S. Taylor & Stephen F. Hambin, 1963

Healing Foods ~ Nutrition by Patricia Hausman, 1989

Healing Foods Cookbook, The, The Rodale Staff, 1991

Healingwith Whole Foods, Oriental tradition and modern nutrition, Paul Pitchford 1993.

Health and Sprouting Supplies, Sprouting Publications Oahspe Foundation, date N.A.

Health Food Dictionary with Recipes, The, 1973, by Anstice Carrol

Healthy Hunzas Popular Edition, The, 1948, Rodale, J I

Herbs and Savory Seeds, Rosetta E. Clarkson, ©1972

Herbs for Sale, Lee Sturdivant, 1994

Hippocrates Health Program, 1989, Brian R. Clement

Hippocrates Diet and Health Program by Ann Wigmore, 1994

Home School Daycare Science Experiments 2 Eat, 1992, Vicky Kobb

How and Why of Better Gardening, Laurence Manning, 1951

How I Conquered Cancer Naturally, Eydie Mae, 1975

How To Grow Herbs and Salad Greens Indoors, Joan W. Meschter, 1975

Howto Grow Vegetables and Fruits by the Organic Method, By Rodale Books, 1961

Howto Survive with Sprouting, Reynolds, Buford Scott, 1970.

Indoor Kitchen Garden, Joy O.I. Spoczynska, 1989

Indoor Vegetable Gardening: How to Grow Fresh Foods All Year Long, by Bob Henrichsen, 1981

Indoor Vegetable Kit, How to Use Your, Steve Meyerowitz1983

Indoor Vegetable Kit, Sproutman’s, Steve Meyerowitz 1983

Jane Brody’s Good Food Book, Jane Brody, © 1985

Jane Brody’s Nutrition Book

Japanese Sprouting Book, 1983

Jar Garden, The: Making Delicious Sprouts: A How-To Book for Boys and Girls, by Dorothy Weeks, Dorothy, ©1976

Johnny Alfalfa Sprout Handbook, Ellen S. Spivack Lynn Allopenna (Editor) Karen Humphrey (Illustrator), Format:Paperback, 100pp. ISBN:0961622903, Publisher: Johnny Alfalfa Sprout, Pub. Date: July 1986

Joyof Eating Natural Foods, The, by Agnes Toms, © 1962, Reprinted Nov, 1971

Juice Fasting & Detoxification: A Guide to Self-Healing & Detoxification1994, Meyerowitz

Keime& Sprossen, einfach Kostlich by Hermine Gronau, © 1988, ISBN3-7750-0189-01.

Keimeund Sprossen in der Naturkuche, by Maren Bustorf-Hirsch, 1988, ISBN3-8068-4299-x

Kitchen Garden Book, Stringfellow Barr & Stella Standard, ©1956

Kitchen Garden Cookbook(See Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Book).

Kitchen Garden Sprout Recipe Book, 1972, Kitchen Garden, Centerville, Utah 84014.

La Choy Chinese Cookery, 1949, La Choy Company.

Laurel’s Kitchen, 1976, Laurel Robertson, C. Finders, & B. Godfrey.

Light Eating For Survival, Marcia Madhuri Acciardo, 1977

Living on the Earth, by Alicia Bay Laurel.

Life in the 21st Century by Viktoras Kulvinskas, 1981

Live Food Juices by H.E.Kirschner, M.D. 1975

Love the Sunshine In With Sprouts by Sita Ananda, ASIN: 0317073214

Love Your Body, Viktoras Kulfvinskas.

Low-Cost Natural Foods – Rodale, 1982, Rodale Press

Miracleof SproutingThe Stephen Blauer, 1981

Money Saving Recipes Through Sprouting & Gardening

Mother Earth News Almanac, 1973, Mother Earth News Staff

Mother Earth NewsMagazine, Nov.1971. Sprouts: the miracle Food

Mother Earth News Magazine, No 31, January 1975

Mother Earth News Magazine, No. 54, Nov-Dec, 1978

Mother Earth News Magazine, No. 137April, May 1993

Moyashi, Fusako Takama, 1983

Mung Bean, The, Department of Agronomy and Soils, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, March 1982

Mushrooms ‘n Bean Sprouts Vegetarian Cookbook, 1979, Norma M. MacRae, R.D.

National Directory of Organic Wholesalers: Organic food and Farm Supplies, 1991 Mary M. Speck (Project Director).

Natural Cookery Vermont Kitchens Cookbook, 1979, The White River Cooperative.

Natural Foods Cookbook, The, ©1961, by Beatrice Trum Hunter.
Natural Foods Country Cookbook, see “Deaf Smith”
Natural Healing Cookbook, The, 1981, Mark Bricklin

Natural Healing, The Practical Encyclopedia, 1983, Mark Bricklin

Natural Meals in Minutes, Introduction to Natural Foods, 1989, (NOT Natural Meals in Minutes: Rita’s Sprouting Book 1997, Rita Bingham)

New Garden Encyclopedia, The, E.L.D.Seymour, B.S.A., 1946

New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook, The, Jean Hewitt, 1971

New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook, Jean Hewitt, 197

Nutrition Almanac by John D. Kirschman, c 1973, 1975, 1979

Nutritional Evaluation of Sprouts and Grasses

Organic Vegetable Growing

Organic Vegetable Growing; Better Gardening

Oriental Vegetables: The Complete Guide for the Gardening, 1991 by Joy Larkcom

Origin of Variation in”Wild” Raphanus Sativus (Cruciferae) in California. ‘S-Graven.Genetica Panetsos, C.& Baker, H. (1967) ill.w/11 fig. 243-274p

Overcoming Aids (and otherincurable diseases), The Alternative Way through Nature, Ann Wigmore, 1987.

Park’s Success with Seeds, Ann Reilly, Geo. W. Park Seed Co., 1978.
Passportto Survival, The New: 12 Steps to Self-Sufficient Living, 1999, Rita Bingham
Planto Surviveby Stuart Wheelwright tells how he survived on sprouts.
Power Juices Super Drinks, ISBN# 1-57566-528-X $14.Quick, Delicious Recipes to Reverse and Prevent Disease.by Steve Meyerowitz 424 pages. March, 2000.

Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, The, 1983, Mark Bricklin, (See: Natural Healing, The Practical Encyclopedia, 1983, Mark Bricklin).

Prevention’s Food &Nutrition, 1993, John Feltman (Rodale Book)

Principles and Practices of Seed Storage Oren L. Justice, 1978

Principlesof Seed Science and Technology, 2ndedition, L.O. Copeland, 1985

Putting Food By, Ruth Hertzberg, Beatrice Vaughn and Janet Greene, (2ndedition, Revised and Enlarged), ©1975

Quinnsworth Gardening Guide To Vegetable Gardening, Joy Larkcom, 1983, ISBN 0861781937

Rating& Raising Vegetables, Consumers Guide, by Virginia L. Beatty, and the Editors of Consumers Guide.©1977


Recipes from the Sproutman: Hundreds of Healthy Meals Made From Home Grown Sprouted Foods by Steve Meyerowitz, 1990

Recipesfor Longer Life, Dr. Ann Wigmore’s, 1978

Rodale Basic Natural Foods Cookbook, 1984

Rodale Cookbook, The, Nancy Albright, ©1973, 15th printing1977

Rodale Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening -1959

Rodale Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening – 1978

Rodale Low-Cost Natural Foods (see Low-Cost Natural Foods)

Rodale Natural Foods Cookbook, Charles Gerras (ed)

Rodale’s Naturally Great Foods Cookbook, Nancy Albright, 1977

Rodale’s Organic Vegetables &Fruits see “How to Grow…”

Salad Book, The, From Seed to Salad Bowl, Geri Harrington, 1977

Salad Garden, The; Joy Larkcom, 1984

Salad Lover’s Garden, The, Sam Bittman, Doubleday, 1992

Salads Grown for Flavour, Joy Larkcom,

Science Books Labs: Science Book of Seeds, 1961, Millicent Selsam

Science Experiments You Can Eat, by Vicki Cobb, 1992.

Seed Physiology Vol. 1, Development, David R. Murray, 1984.

Seed Starters Handbook, Nancy Bubel, ©1978 Rodale Press.

Seeds and Sprouts for Life, Bernard Jensen

Self-Sufficient Suburban Garden, by Jeff Ball, 1983

Simple Food for the Good Life, by Helen Nearing, 1980,

Rezepte für mehr Vitalität, Sprossen, Keime, Kerne, by von Klaus Oberbeil

Sprout Farm, The, Sprouter by Corning, Instruction Booklet, 1980

Sprout for the Love of Everybody/Nutritional Evaluation of Sprouts and GrassesViktoras P. Kulvinskas, 1978.

Sprout For The Love of Everybody / Nutritional Values of Sprouts and Wheatgrass.

Sprout Garden, The, Mark Mathew Braunstein, 1993.

Sprout Handbook, by Stuart Wheelwright, 2nd Edition Rewritten January 1968, © 1968 by Research Technical Service, 3747 Quincy Ave. Ogden, Utah.

Sprout It! Grow Mini-Vegetables Indoors: How to Supply Your Own Organic Food Year Round, Steve Meyerowitz

Sprout It, One Week from Seed to Salad, Grow Organic Food Without Soil…or a Green Thumb! S. Meyerowitz, 1983, Sixth printing, June 1994

Sprouter’s Cookbook: For Fast Kitchen Crops, The Marjorie Blanchard, ASIN:0882660411, 1983, 1975. published by Garden Way

Sprouter’s Cookbook – Wraps, The

Sprouting Beans & Seeds, Judy Ridgway 1984

Sprouting Book, The Ann Wigmore. 1986

Sprouting for All Seasons: How and What to Sprout, Including Delicious, Easy-To-Prepare Recipes, Bertha Larimore Horizon Press, © 1975, printed 1993, 139 pages.

Sprouting of Seed for Fresh Food, The, Hiatt, D.R., Message press, Coalmont, TN.

Sprouting Seeds for Nutrition and Fun, This is a Jan 1973 “brieflet” by Winston A. Way, Extension Agronomist at the U of Vermont.

Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook ISBN 1-878736-86-8. $14.95.
Sprout Breads, Cookies, Soups, Salads & 250 other Low Fat, Dairy Free
Vegetarian Recipes by Steve Meyerowitz. July, 1999. 336 pgs. ppbk

Sproutman’, Indoor Vegetable KitSteve Meyerowitz 1983 (See“Indoor Vegetable Kit).

Sproutman’s “Turn the Dial” Sprout Chart A Field Guide to Growing and Eating Sprouts bywww.sproutman.com. 1998. A wheel chart. Size 7×9″ ISBN# 1-878736-15-9.

Sprouts Are Good: Recipe Collection

Sprouts Are Good: Sprout Booklet

Sprouts Elixir of Life John Tobe 1967, 1976.

Sprouts- How to Grown and Eat Them, Alice Muller, 1970.

Sprouts the Miracle Food ISBN #1-878736-04-3, The Complete Guide to Sprouting
By Steve Meyerowitz. 1999 edition. 216pg, .ppbk.

Sprouts to Grow and Eat, Esther Munroe 1974.

Sprout Recipe Book, 1972, Kitchen Garden, Centerville, Utah 84014, (See: Kitchen Garden Sprout Recipe Book).

Stay Younger Longer, by Linda Clark, 1961.

Successful Sprouting: Fresh Nutrition-Packed Food From Your Window Ledge, By Frank Wilson, Wellingborough, England: Thorsons, 1978, 1982.5th Impression. 49 pp.
Summer Kitchen, A farmers market, 1981 by The Upper West Fork Organic Food Growers Cooperative.
Sunset Magazine, Feb 1974, Sprouts Grow in your kitchen
Survival into the Twenty-First Century, 1975, Viktoras Kulvinskas

Survivor, The, Vol. #4 – 19th Cent. Technology, 1992, Kurt Saxton

25 Vegetables Anyone Can Grow, Ann Roe Robbins, 1942, reprinted in 1972

Using Plants For Healing, 250 Medicinal Plants, by Nelson Coon, © 1963 & 1979(Rodale’s copyright)

Vegetable Garden Displayed, The, Staff of the Royal Horticultural Society, 1st Published in 1941, Completely revise 1961, Reprinted with revisions 1964, 1966, 1970, 1972, 1975. Reprinted 1976.

Vegetable Gardening, Joy Larkcom, 1983, (SeeQuinnsworth Gardening Guide To Vegetable Gardening).

Vegetables from Small Gardens, Joy Larkcom, ©1976, 2nd ed ©1986.

Vegetarian Chinese Cookbook- Nitty Gritty, Gary Lee, 1972.

Visual Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, The, By the Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books, © 1991, Rodale Press.

Water, Light and Love, 1976.

WatercressADAS/MAFF Reference book, 1983.

Wellness Encyclopedia of Foodand Nutrition, 1992, Sheldon Margen, MD.

The Complete Guide to Using Grass Foods & Juices to Revitalize Your Health.
by Steve Meyerowitz. 1999 ppbk. 216 pgs.

Whole Foods For You, 1974, Lee Fryer, Dick Simmons.

Wild Gourmet Cookbook, Babette Brackett &Maryann Lash, 1975.

Woman’s Day Acorn to Bean Sprouts Cook Book.

Wonderful World of Sprouting, The, by Schmidt, Marion and William Packer, 1975.