Sprouting Seed

ISS Screened Sprouting Seed

Just as great chefs know that the most important part of the meal is to start with the best ingredients, successful sprout growers understand that the quality of the sprouts they produce can never be better than the quality of the seed they start with.


Things to look for in high quality sprouting seed:

  1. It absolutely must not have any human pathogens.
  2. It should not have plant pathogens.
  3. It should be uniform in size and color.
  4. It should have a high quick germination.
  5. It should not be scarified and should have very few damaged seeds.
  6. It should have a low moisture content but not so low as to damage the seed.
  7. The sprouts produced from it should germinate uniformly and show good vigor.
  8. The seed should have few over-soaks (over-soaks are seeds that soften quickly when put in water.)
  9. The age of the seed is important.  Some seed is best if aged, while others are not.
  10. The sprouts from it should have a good flavor and shelf life.

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