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SproutNet is a free newsletter that provides commercial sprout growers with sprout industry news and information that affects their sprouting businesses. It is a valuable resource for sprouters, growers, researchers and educators.

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Testimonials for the SproutNet Newsletter

This is what growers and researchers have to say about the newsletter in general and about specific sprout industry topics we’ve covered:

  • “Being a commercial sprout grower, I find all the articles very interesting and would appreciate it if you sent me more, as you can never learn enough in this industry.”  Brian Ashe, Elfa Sprouts
  • “I am very grateful for your information and help. Your quick action just may save our industry.”  Nancy Snider
  • “Andrew and I have watching your emails with interest. Your simple rules you have passed on to us have been very helpful, and we have incorporated them in our own HACCP Plan (for which we are fully certified), together with incorporating international food handling standards and handling practices that are essential for this business.”  Will Cormack, Demeter Cormack Pty Ltd
  • “Thanks for the information about the work going on in Europe on the use of Lactobacillus for competitive exclusion of human pathogens on sprouts.”  Bill Fett, Research Plant Pathologist, USDA
  • “Many of the phytosanitary issues seem to hinge on a basic lack of trust between countries. In the last few years, I have been looking for ways to get away from what I have perceived as the ‘just take our word for it, you can trust us’ approach to an unbiased method to evaluate the confidence one has in their assays. Thus I find some of the discussions in the Sprout Net newsletter regarding sampling probabilities and eradication of pathogens (of whatever type) to be relevant to the issues we face.”  Charles C. Block, NCRPIS Plant Pathologist, USDA-ARS
  • “ISS have taken the lead in this critical area and I applaud you for that. How is it possible to get other seed suppliers to follow suit?”  Kevin Tilstone, Nederlands Direkt
  • “Continued thanks for your networking and research.”  Bob Sanderson, Jonathan’s Sprouts
  • “I wish to say more than ‘Thank you very much’ for your all kind help. If be Thai language yes, I know well how to say! “  Pithak, Wheng Sprouts
  • “The bit about the Broccoli Sprout research being funded by tax dollars was interesting. I’m going to write my congressman. Thanks again,”  Lilly, R-Gang Sprouts
  • “You are so great. In case I have not said so lately I will say so now…You are great. I really appreciate your diplomacy in the face of so much chaos and indecision.”  Nancy Snider
  • “Thanks for mailing me all this news. I hope that by spreading this info to all the sprout growers we can keep contamination to the minimum and keep the demand for sprouts alive. Regards,”  Eric Groenewould, Greeny Sprouts
  • “I appreciate your information and efforts would really like to have hard copies of some of your data.”  Jo Beck, Sunsprout
  • “Thank you very much for all that news sprouting about sprouts. I’m so glad that you are keeping us informed.”  Lilly, R-Gang Sprouts
  • “More and more I appreciate the information you are passing on. We need to know what is going on.”  Ken Kimes, Greensward Nurseries
  • “Thank you for the e-mail and your wonderful and VERY informative letters.”  Darlene & Harold Camara, Soy Milk
  • “I found your experiments on soaking and not soaking seed before sanitizing very interesting…You are wonderful communicators. Keep up the good work.”  Nancy
  • “Thanks for your information about the new methods from everywhere to save the sprout quality.”  Marcel Felder, FelderSprossen
  • “Thank you very much for your detailed answer to my question. It’s nice to know that others will benefit from this information, too.”  Rick Kohn, The Sprout House
  • “I appreciate so much all your mails and for keeping me informed with the last news of sprouts.”  Luisa Cox
  • “Thanks for keeping me up to date. I printed that whole report from the net yesterday and have been studying it last night.”  Eric Groenewoud
  • “Thank you all for all the help and information you have provided and continue to provide.”  Carla Dolce (Attorney defending sprout growers against Brassica litigation)
  • “Thanks for all the E-Mail. It’s good to know that we’re not alone out here.”  Lillian
  • “I’m extremely grateful for your valuable sprouts news…You’re a Prince…You are a ‘Benefactor’ of me and everyone in our family.”  Pithak
  • “ISS is doing what all suppliers should be doing. Good luck and keep up the good work.”  Rick Martinez, Manatee Foods
  • “You have done a great service to all of us. Thank you very much. I appreciate the work, thought and energy you put into doing these SproutNet mailings. You are really doing a valuable service by keeping your ear to the ground and keeping us informed. It was such a treat to wake up this morning and read Steve’s encouraging, fact-packed article. If you have any more of this kind of information, I would be very happy if you would send it on. I need to be reminded of why I do what I do and that what I do is really, really good. “David Pennington, Pennington Greens
  • “Thanks for the updates…. Keep us involved.”  Frank Isenberg, FDA Inspector, Idaho
  • “Thanks for all the great info you have been sending. We really appreciate it.”  Linda Heffner, Sun Sprout Limited
  • “Many thanks for info regarding US problems and latest current info. I am following your situation with obvious interest.”  Brian Young, Sprout City
  • “We very much enjoy your regular e-mailed newsletter over here in Tasmania. Keep up the good work.”  Dayle Wighton, Shearwater Pure
  • “I congratulate your determination and what you are doing and we appreciate your keeping us informed.”  Bob Walker
  • “Thank you for sending me lots of information.”  Michiaki Sakamoto, Fuji
  • “Just want to say THANKS!!! for all your informational e-mail. It’s extremely helpful and reassuring to be kept up-to-date on things, and I appreciate it a great deal.”  SuAnne Stibitz, Super Sprouts!
  • “Thanks for all the messages about what’s going on in WI. Without you as information central I fear that many of us would be in the dark!”  Zina Starr, Ozark Cornucopia.
  • “Thanks…to Bob Rust who facilitates these exchanges for the benefit of all sprouters!”  Barbara Mason, Aqua Fusha
  • “I appreciate you putting me on the e-mail list. I have been reading all of your messages and have been impressed by your knowledge and insight regarding the potential biology of pathogens in seeds/sprouts and your assessments of the problems.”  Dr. Robert Mandrell, USDA

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