Storage Under Moderate Vacuum to Prolong the Keepability of FreshVegetables and Fruits

StorageUnder Moderate Vacuum to Prolong the Keepability of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

ISHSActa Horticulturae 368: International Symposium on Postharvest Treatment ofHorticultural Crops

L.G.M.Gorris, Y. de Witte, E.J. Smid


Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is increasingly employed to extend theshelf-life of perishable food. Although applied mostly with non-respiringproducts, the technique offers considerable prospects as well for respiringproducts such as vegetables and fruits, which stay metabolically active duringstorage. Here Moderate Vacuum Packaging (MVP), a novel type of MAP, ispresented, in which a product is stored in a refrigerator under 400 mB ofpressure. The keepability of several fresh fruits and vegetables was assessedafter MVP storage at 4 °C. The safety of MVP was evaluated by challenging mungbean sprouts and chicory endive with Listeria monocytogenesBacilluscereusYersinia enterocolitica and Salmonella typhimuriumat4, 7 and 10 °C.