Studies On Amylase Inhibitors in Some Egyptian Legume Seeds

Studies on amylase inhibitors in some Egyptian legume seeds.
Plant Foods Hum Nutr 1988;38(4):325-32
Shekib LA, el-Iraqui SM, Abo-Bakr TM.

Food Science and Technology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Alexandria, Egypt.

Amylase inhibitor activity was determined in four legume seeds which are widely consumed in Egypt. The effect of dehulling, heat treatment, soaking and germination were also assessed. The results showed that faba bean contained the highest activity of amylase inhibitor followed by cowpea, lentils, then chickpea. Dehulling resulted in raising the amylase inhibitor activities in all samples investigated, while heat treatment and cooking lowered it. Soaking for 10 h and germination eliminated completely the inhibitor from all samples.