Study Suggests Leafy Greens Trim Colon Cancer Risk

StudySuggests Leafy Greens Trim Colon Cancer Risk

ThePacker Magazine

ByThe Packer staff

(June12, 2002)Adiet rich in leafy green vegetables can cut the risk of colon cancer by almosthalf.

That’s the word from researchers at Liverpool University, who found that adaily serving of broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and sprouts can reduce cancer’srisk by 46%, according to a report.

The reason? Leafy green vegetables contain fibers full of the sugar galactose,which scientists believe could help prevent proteins called lectins from bindingto the lining of the colon and causing damage.

“The stories about the benefits of a high fiber diet that have beencirculating for years have typically oversimplified that there was confusion andcontradictory reports,” research director Jonathan Rhodes said in the report.”This study provides important evidence that the association between diet andcolon cancer is mediated via specific food components rather than by a generaleffect of fiber.”

The study, sponsored by the North West Cancer Research Fund, studied 1,000people, half of whom had cancer. Those studies showed that those without colonproblems ate more of the vegetables.

The report also noted the harmful effects of a diet too high in calories and redmeat. It also praised the benefits of regular exercise.