SunGarden® Fresh Living is a proud producer of Fresh Sprouts and Sprout Powders, the Original Super Food.  For generations, Sprouts have been considered the most nutritious produce available and consumed by those looking to add nutrition, unique taste and appeal to salads, sandwiches and upscale food presentations. With worldwide consumer demand for our products continuing to increase, we are thrilled to supply these highly nutritious products.

Because of the tremendous demand for the products and a fast growing market segment SunGarden Fresh Living has applied for and been granted MUI Halal certification.  Halal is the world’s fastest-growing food & beverage market segment and we are proud to offer our best-in-class products to this segment.

Baked falafel salad with sprouted chickpeas.

The halal industry is based on a belief that people should eat food and use goods that are “halalan toyibban”, which means permissible and wholesome. In fact, the halal market is non-exclusive to Muslims, and has gained increasing acceptance among non- Muslim consumers who associate halal with ethical consumerism.

Falafel Salad with broccoli sprouts.

This lifestyle associated with Halal foods has created a tremendous need for fresh sprouts and powders that have become a must have food source.  These sprouts are not just plants they are an organic remedy for a lifetime of wellness.  Our most popular of products are the Broccoli and Kale sprouts, tiny premature vegetables that are superfoods with immense superpowers obtained from the compound sulforaphane.

SunGarden® Fresh Living has been providing the highest quality sprouts since 1979. We grow and sell Alfalfa, Clover, Radish, Mung Bean, and Broccoli Sprouts. All sprouts are carefully grown and harvested in our state-of-the-art facility while best-in-class food safety systems ensure our sprouts are the safest in the industry.

To learn more about SunGarden® Sprouts and Sprouted Ingredients, visit www.Sproutnet.comor call Silas Stoddart, Marketing Director.