Natural Ingredient & Food Safety

We are passionate about creating the healthiest, tastiest natural ingredients on the market. It’s all made possible by robust safety protocols.

Why is Food Safety Important For Natural Ingredients?

An industry-leading product begins with industry-leading safety standards. From sourcing to packaging, we prioritize food safety.

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Health Prioritization

We harvest to maximize enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients, and use no preservatives so your customers can reap the most health benefit.

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Quality Sourcing

Safe sprouted ingredients start with high quality seed and best-in-class standards.

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Product Standards

We follow the strictest safety and quality standards in the industry, testing for pathogens prior, during, and after production.

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We meet FDA regulations for sanitation and food safety, and frequently receive a “superior” rating from the FDA and Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

Ways We Focus on Safety

We have built safety into our production process at multiple junctions, so it is always prioritized.

  • Use the safest certified sprouting seed.
  • Test for pathogens after sprouting.
  • Test the product after packaging.
  • Grow our sprouts in a controlled, indoor farming facility.
  • Microbial specifications can surpass customer-set ranges for coliform, APC, bile, yeast, and mold.
  • We do not use pesticides.

We’re Certified in Natural Ingredients & Food Safety

Our numerous third party certifications demonstrate our commitment to creating the safest natural ingredients possible.

USDA Organic

USDA Organic

We sprout our ingredients without any chemicals, additives, or pesticides.

FDA Inspected

FDA Inspected

FDA auditors regularly inspect our facility to ensure compliance.



We are independently verified to meet Kosher guidelines.

HACCP Certified

HACCP Certified

We have a plan for potential food hazards.

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The Global Food Safety Initiative approves standards for farming, packaging, storage, and distribution.

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We follow Good Manufacturing Practices, aligned with food safety.

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SFQ Level 2

Safe Quality Food Institute. In addition to the basics, this certification adds hazard analysis to food safety.

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