Total Chemically Available

Total Chemically Available (Free and Intrachain) Lysine and Furosine in Pea, Bean, and Lentil Sprouts

J Agric Food Chem. 2007 Nov 1. Rodríguez C, Frías J, Vidal-Valverde C, Hernández A.

The effect of the germination of peas, beans, and lentils under differing conditions of illumination for different times on parameters linked to the Maillard reaction (chemically available free and intrachain lysine, lysine availability, and furosine) was evaluated. The chemically available free lysine content in the raw seeds of the three legumes was quite small compared to the chemically available intrachain lysine content, and furosine was detectable only in the beans and the lentils. The effect of germination was to increase lysine availability compared with levels in the raw seeds in all of the germinated samples, the smallest increase taking place in the lentils. In addition, furosine became detectable in all of the germinated samples. Quantities varied depending on the germination conditions but in all cases were higher than the quantities observed in the raw seeds. Linear correlations were observed to exist between some of the parameters considered in the three legumes tested.