Waterproof Lighting for Sprouts – Sprout Lighting

Wet Lights

This innovative lighting system features two water resistant custom extrudedpolycarbonate bulb holders. These lights are excellent for greening sprouts,mushroom harvesting, or for use in any wet environment.  They can hang onthe provided  cord or mount on a surface with provided clips. The stainlesssteel ballast box mounts on the wall or ceiling and can be plugged into anystandard outlet. Wet Lights are available in 8 ft. (243.8 cm) or 4 ft. (121.9cm) sizes to meet your needs. They use standard 40 watt fluorescent bulbs (notprovided). Shipping weight is 16 lbs (7.27 kg). Power Requirements: 115 VAC-60Hz or 220 VAC-50 Hz.

8 ft. Lights – Item #:  WL8

4 ft. Lights – Item #: WL4