SunGarden® Is now NSF GMP Certified

SunGarden® Fresh Living is a proud producer of Fresh Sprouts and Sprout Powders, the Original Super Food. For generations, Sprouts have been considered the most nutritious produce available and consumed by those looking to add nutrition, unique taste, and appeal to salads, sandwiches, and upscale food presentations. With worldwide consumer demand for our products continuing to increase, we are thrilled to supply these highly nutritious products.   Best-in-class food safety systems are a key part of why SunGarden® Fresh Living is recognized as one of the world leaders in the industry. Having already exceeded the industry standard with an SQF level 2 certification SunGarden® Fresh Living has decided to take it up a notch with an NSF GMP certification. This is an unprecedented level of food safety and represents as a whole the values of SunGarden®.   So what is NSF and why is this an achievement? NSF certification is key to ensuring products meet strict standards for public health protection. If for any reason a product fails to meet

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