Sprout Safety

Sungarden Sprouts is dedicated to producing the healthiest and safest sprouts possible. We apply and adhere to the highest possible food safety protocols and consistently receive a “Superior” rating from our rigorous, third-party inspection process. We are also regularly inspected by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Army and the FDA. At Sungarden Sprouts we have been trained in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for food handlers and implemented Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards throughout our operation and are implementing the new FSMA guidelines.

All Sungarden Sprouts have been grown with seeds that have been selected for sprouting purposes from a single seed supplier (International Specialty Supply). That supplier methodically samples and tests every lot with probability of pathogen detection in the 99.999+ range. All seeds are sanitized in a calcium hypochlorite solution as approved and recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the FDA.

Additionally, all sprouts produced are subject to the hold and release guidelines set forth by the FDA. Samples of effluent water are screened for the presence of pathogens. Absolutely no sprouts are shipped until negative results are obtained – ensuring that Sungarden Sprouts set the industry standard for quality and safety.