What Sets Us Apart


Sungarden Natural Ingredients is a homegrown business in Tennessee. We have decades of experience in growing sprouts, producing ingredients, and packaging our sprouts. Our top-notch team continues to push the boundaries of the industry striving for the highest quality, safest products, and state of the art methods to meet evolving global standards. Additionally, customer service is a top priority. We’ve developed an experienced U.S. based team of people with expansive sprouting knowledge ready to meet your needs.


Sungarden’s sprouting operation dates back more than 35 years and we continue to have our finger on the pulse of the sprouting community. Product integrity is very important to us and we ensure all of our products provide great value with full customer satisfaction. Every product has been screen to the high standards found only in American made goods.  We stand behind all of our products with a well educated staff and sales team.


Sungarden is recognized as a leading expert in the sprouted food industry. We have been doing research on sprouting since 1979, primarily related to food safety and production. Because everything we produce is made in America, we adhere to strict procedures to sample, screen, and test our products. We take sprouting safety very seriously. Our rigorous screening methodology leads the industry and has made us the go to source for commercial sprouting seeds.