• Use clean, tested seed.
  • Rinsing your seed with potable water prior to sanitizing gives the sanitizer a better chance of attacking any organic matter left on the seed.
  • Use clean, sanitized containers that do not have cracks, hard to clean crevices or scratches.
  • Hands and growing equipment must be clean at all times for sprout growing.
  • There are other methods of sanitizing that can be researched and applied to your own. The following 2 procedures are the most recognized with in the sprout growing community.


Hydrogen Peroxide:

  • Add 5oz of 3% hydrogen peroxide (1oz if using 35% peroxide) and 1oz of vinegar to 33oz of room temperature water.  Pour the solution over your seed and let it stand for 5 minutes.  Make sure all of the seed is in contact with the solution.  Drain and rinse the seed several times with potable water to ensure that all of the solution has been removed.

Calcium Hypochlorite:

  • Add 3oz calcium hypochlorite to 1 gal of warm water.  Pour over, mix thoroughly, and let stand 10-20 minutes.  Drain and rinse the seed thoroughly in potable water.

o   Take Care not to add water to calcium hypochlorite – make sure to add calcium hypochlorite to water when mixing the solution.

o   DO NOT USE sodium hypochlorite which is household bleach.

o   US EPA has approved 2% chlorine from Calcium Hypochlorite as a seed sanitation method before sprouting.  Tests have shown no residual chlorine on finished sprouts. (Dr. Rob Wick, Sprouters Journal of the ISGA, Spring 1999)