Present Day

SunGarden continues to be the trend setter in the sprouting industry.  With ever changing regulations we keep our finger on the pulse of the sprouting community with new innovations in Sprouts, Equipment, and Seed.

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Sungarden Launches a Line of Dried Sprouts 

SunGarden Launches a line of sprout powders rich in vitamins and minerals.  This first of it's kind product can be used by formulators to provide a nutritional boost to products and keep finish products natural and chemical free.  With unmatched nutritional profiles these products can forever change the health, wellness, and nutrition industry.

Sungarden Launches a Line of Dried Sprouts 2020-08-19T20:43:00+00:00

Protocol for Sampling and Testing Seed Completed

Developed protocol for sampling and testing seed for pathogen contamination.  This process is still in use today and is credited for keeping all pathogens out of the sprout supply chain. (Testing Collage)

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Treating Sprouting Seed for Pathogens

Due to FDA regulations ISS along with key members of the sprouting industry developed the initial process for treating sprouting seed for pathogens.

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Sentrex manufacturing creates the first commercially viable version of the Rota-Tech rotary drum.



Primeseed and packaging was launched to provide a much needed supply shop for the sprouting industry.


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