Wash System

The ISS Bean Sprout Wash System is a highly refined piece of equipment that improves sprout sanitation and safety while minimizing cleanup and maintenance requirements. The ISS wash system carries sprouts through a stainless steel tank and into “cleaning fingers”, where they are cleaned, hulled and de-rooted. Sprouts are then conveyed to your air knife, centrifuge bucket, packing table or packaging machine.

The ISS control panel is capable of operating in either manual or automatic mode. The automatic mode provides maximum separation without physical damage to the final product. In manual mode, the controls allow you to increase the pace to meet tight production schedules. The control panel (which can be conveniently placed beside a key worker on the production line) controls all electrical components, including rinse water on the exit conveyor.

The system is intentionally designed for easy cleaning and sanitation. With plenty of room underneath, the clear acrylic conveyor covers and gear covers are easily removable for cleaning. The entire system, including the control panel and motors, is wash-down. Additionally, no belts, motors, gears or electrical parts are exposed to the product. A three-inch (7.6cm) drain with ball valve allows quick drainage without clogging and the adjustable entrance spray bar is equipped with an easily removable end plug for cleaning.

In the unlikely event that a worker falls into or gets caught in the system, all mechanical parts have idler arms that automatically adjust belts and allow for slippage under extreme pressure. The amount of pressure is adjustable by the operator. There is an emergency cord around three sides that can be reached from all four sides. When the cord is pulled, all systems shut down. The gears and motors are protected with safety shields that are unobtrusive and allow the tank to be accessed from either side. No motors or electrical parts are located over the tank or the water.

ISS manufactures wash systems in a variety of sizes, but the features and specifications of our most popular size include:

  • Capacity: 24 tons / day
  • Dimensions: 6 ft. (182.8 cm) high x 15 ft. (457.2 cm) long x 2 ft. 11 1/2 in. (90.2 cm) wide
  • Tank Capacity: 750 gallons (2.840 liters)
  • Shipping Weight: 2,100 lbs. (954.5 kg) (crated)

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